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English language is important as it is the common language that can help people all over the world to communicate with each other english language is made compulsory in all the schools today in the countries where their own native languages are given utmost importance. Currently, english clearly provides access to much more of the world than mandarin chinese for example, one can travel to most countries in the world and expect to find people in airports, hotels, and tourist sites who know some english. There are times when grammar rules are broken for the sake of artistic expression however, some grammar rules are not meant to be broken below is my list of the top 10 english grammar rules you abso. These examples of important are from the cambridge english corpus and from sources on the web any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors. Understanding the importance of english education in south korea and exploring the reasons why south korean students come to a university in the midwest.

English plays an important role in our everyday life there is great utility of english in modern world so, the use of english should be continued along with hindi and other regional languages. Both more important and more importantly occur at the beginning of a sentence in all varieties of standard english: more important (or more importantly), her record as an administrator is unmatched. English is the international language of media and arts and so, if you want to access as much as possible for yourself, without relying on translations, it's the most powerful language you can learn today.

The previous posts all correctly point out that english is the lingua franca today, but i don't see where they have addressed how the history of the english language has lead it to become the. English - the most important second language over 700 million people in the world speak english and it is the international language of diplomacy, business, science. English is a very important language mainly because it bridges people of the world together learning english and knowledge of english language is very helpful it creates a link between people who would otherwise be unable to communicate with each other. The number of people in the world that use in english to communicate on a regular basis is estimated as 2 billion it is the official language in a large number of countries english is truly the business language of the world and it is almost a necessity for people to speak english if they are to. A brief video about the importance of learning english for more details of justspeak, you may visit our wesite: wwwjustspeakplscom (video was done using p.

If some of your loved ones are not fluent in english, it may be beneficial for you to explain to them the benefits of learning to read and speak the language people may disagree about the importance of knowing english, but if you fully explain the opportunities that knowing english can provide, it. English is also hugely important as an international language and plays an important part even in countries where the uk has historically had little influence it is learnt as the principal foreign language in most schools in western europe. The importance of english language has globally accepted it is the only language which is being taught second language and as an official language in almost 90 countries. Hello this is my first post i have to make a videoclip, not more than 2 minutes, talking about the importance of english, the influence that it has in communication, bussines, studies, careers, all in general, why is the most important language in the world, why everybody in the world have to speak in english.

Most people underestimate the importance of mastering english this is especially true for people who live in english speaking countries such as the united states or great britain because they are raised speaking the language, they don't feel that it is all that important. Els program | documentary video els - why it is so important to learn english - please take a moment to like, share, and subscribe ----. English lets you feel the culture of the world like no other language learning it will offer you the opportunity to do wonderful things english is the language of the film industry and learning it means you will no longer have to rely on subtitles or dubbed versions.

There are many reasons to learn english, but because it is one of the most difficult languages to learn it is important to focus on exactly why it is you want to learn english. English is treated as a skill subject and not as a content subject the aims are confined to teaching pupils simple, straight forward and correct english the most effective way of beginning is the oral approach and speech is the ground-work of all linguists activities. Definition of important - of great significance or value 'after all, in economic terms at least, a movie star is the most important person on the set. English is important because it is the only language that truly links the whole world together the other languages may be important for their local values and.

This is a timeline of english history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in england and its predecessor states to read about the background to these events, see history of england. Class 11 important english core questions ncert class 11 english core is very important resource for students preparing for xi board examination questions are from all very important topics. The importance of learning english cannot be overstated in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world for the millions of immigrants who travel the world from non-english-speaking countries every year, learning to communicate in english is important to enter and ultimately succeed in mainstream english speaking countries.

Important translation english, french - english dictionary, meaning, see also 'very important person',importation',importance',importun', example of use, definition. The importance of english: 5 ways the language can change your life we all know that there are millions of english speakers across the globe but what makes english an important language , not just a common one. The importance of english is clear history of english as a global language it was the british who first spread english around the globe through imperialism from the 1600s to the 1900s.

english important Telephoning in english includes learning a number of special phrases, as well as focusing on listening skills some of the most important phrases include how to answer the phone, how to ask for others, how to connect, and how to take messages the first example response is in american english and. english important Telephoning in english includes learning a number of special phrases, as well as focusing on listening skills some of the most important phrases include how to answer the phone, how to ask for others, how to connect, and how to take messages the first example response is in american english and.
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